Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where it all began...

Well, if you ask my mother, she say it was all the fault of my very first babysitter… but that’s really a whole different story for a completely different place.

So fast way forward, past a crazy childhood that was really no fault but my own.  An extremely eventful 4yrs at college.  A completely derailing of me during my stint in the Army.  A 13yr marriage, with kids that somehow ended with me still being my ex’s relationship counsel.  To a wickedly wild return of my freedom where somehow I stumbled across my boy. 

It was a social site, a witty message and a lot of interesting conversations as we tipped toed around the real truth.  But little bits slipped out.  We began comparing high level notes.  I was a swinger and not interested in monogamy or even marriage.  He was into BDSM and had been from a young age.  My adventurous bone was intrigue, the virtual chemistry flowing… it was time to meet.  The date set, and then delays.  It’s almost hilarious now to think he was late, like several hours late, for our first date.  But he did call each time it slid.

Drinks went well.  Drinks went extremely well.  Just something about him.. his confidence, his boldness.  Though I think now it was his face.  Sexy yes, but it was more the animation that played every emotion across his.  I just had to have him.  Drinks paid and out the door.  An invite back to my place.  A kiss on the back porch that curled my toes and a night that I’ll never forget.  Or so I thought at the moment, little did I know how much more was to come. 

It was the start of something beautifully wicked and a bit like a dream come true, yet like no dream I had ever had before.

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