Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hey there and welcome to my blog.

Who am I?  

Really, who can answer this question fully and how can one begin to touch on it in short paragraphs?  In short, I used to be an extremely open minded and adventurous soul.  I enjoy pushing boundaries in every facet of my life. I find fun and adventure in almost everything that I do. Love the outdoors, travel and sports of every kind, especially the extreme ones. I believe life was meant for living and that every rule was meant to be bent, if not entirely broken.

But over a year ago… I met a man whose presence in my life changed… well… everything.  Well no, not everything.  I’m still everything I was before, but now I’d have to add…

I am a subtle Domme, who prefers to lead from the back.  I am a seductress, a temptress, a confidant and nurturer.  I don't bark orders or demand submission, but rather I will twist your mind, your soul until my world is all that exist for you. I will teach you not only to embrace your fears, but to love them, crave them.  But be forewarned, I am twisted, wicked and evil.  I do not ride shot gun with the devil... he rides shot gun with me. 

This blog is a ride along as I delve into my insanely wicked world, and as I desperately try to balance it with the realities that is life. 

So who are YOU?

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