Sunday, February 10, 2013


As I settle in on the couch, wiping the sleep from my eyes, you quickly moved to kneel down in front of me.  You look upon me with a face full of complete devotion and adoration.  I felt my whole body get warm from just that simple look from you.  You slowly reach out and gently caress my foot between your hands.  You lower your head and begin to kiss my foot softly, lovingly.  As I watch you caress my feet, my mind begins to fill with thoughts of devouring you.  To rip you wide open so I can kiss you much deeper.  My mind contemplates how such sweetness from you brings out such a dangerous hunger in me.  

I shift positions so I can have better control and begin taking over the moment.  I slowly start pushing my toes down your throat, as you open your mouth wide to accept all that I can force your body to take.  Placing my other foot on your chest, I shove you back slightly just to get a better look at you.  I start with those hazy eyes of yours, I slowly draw my eyes down your body, letting my toes follow a beat behind.  Tracing your jaw line, the pressure causes your head to turn.  The site of your neck makes my mouth water.  I push up on your chin to expose your neck, toying with the thoughts in my head.  To kiss, nibble, trace my tongue across the veins.  Sink my teeth in, maybe even draw a little blood.  I contemplate the images it brings forth in my head, the possible reactions from you. 

I trail the other foot down your neck and across your chest as I imagine you lying on the floor, my foot square on your throat, your eyes staring at me, so trusting.  I wonder what you think about as the ability to breath disappears.  Do you ever worry I’ll press to hard?  Or do you simply feel at home, taking in the sensations, knowing I will let up when you need that next breath?  As that face turns red, and you begin wiggling to find air, do you question that faith in me?  Or do you simply go blank, instinct taking over, desperate for the breath only Momma can give to you?

As my foot finally finds your cock, my wandering mind snaps back to reality.  

“Mmmmm, already so hard and wet”, I think to myself... as the wicked thoughts of what to do to you starts flowing through my mind like a motion picture on fast forward.  Now the only questions is… just where to begin.

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