Monday, January 30, 2012

What did you do this weekend?


It had been awhile since we had had a real good play session with a sexy stud.  Not since our trip to DC before Christmas.  I was getting antsy and he knew it.  We’d been trying for a couple weeks to get something going, but just kept running into one player after another.   Even with our regulars, we’d be running into schedule conflicts.  So after nearly two months of quiet, we decided it was time to setup a hotel party.  Time for the annual gang bang.

We sent out the invites and had nearly 10 respond back saying they would drop by.  I was ecstatic.  Desperately in need for one of those nights full of intense orgasms after intense orgasms.  That kind of night that takes multiple studs to accomplish.  I sent my sub off with orders to get a nice hotel room with a big hot tub to play in and to get it all prepped for fun.  I spent the few quiet hours getting myself primped and ready for the long night of fun.  An hour before party time, my cuck came back home to pick me up and take me to the room.  There, he finished getting himself ready under my supervision, which left him naked, save for the locked collar around his neck and the cage around his little dick.

Sadly, the night was a bust for the gang bang… as only 2 out of 10 actually showed (so tired of wankers!!!), but it turned out to be one of the most fun and amazing nights my cuck and I have spent with others.

R was the first to show.  He had been to a couple of our group setups and has always proven to have the stamina and drive to almost keep up with me.  At nearly 10”... he can get back into that sweet spot that makes me cum so hard and can pound through a few killer orgasms for me.  While a sweet heart, with a wit that keeps me in stiches... we found him a bit too goofy for more of the one on one.  But he has this insane ability to get everyone relaxed and in the right mood, when it comes to the group settings.   My cuck and I were both glad to see him be the first to arrive.

After just a few minutes of idle chitchat, R just couldn’t keep his hands off of me.  We quickly moved to the bed, where R lost no time getting me bent over, flipping up my skirt and admiring my bare ass on full display.  It was right about this time that D showed up.  D was a new stud that we had been chatting with for a while, but hadn’t been able to meet up with.  We often find these setting to be a great way to determine if they can actually keep up with us and our wild ways.  As my cuck open the door to let him in, his first glance of me was my bare ass propped on the bed.  I turned my head, gave him a wry smile and welcomed him to the party.  He didn’t even flinch as he walked over, planted a kiss on my cheek and gave my ass a nice little smack.  

After that, things start to become just a blur of orgasmic bliss.  For nearly 5 hours, R and D worked nearly seamlessly together to keep me in a state of complete rapture.  Both gentlemen were so laid back, easy going and open minded that at one point while both fellas need to take a breather and my jaw was in need of a break from sucking, we found ourselves all on the bed… me with my strap-on buried deep in my cuck’s ass, while D stuffed my cuck’s mouth with his big, fat cock and R managed to get his cock stuffed in mine.  Only regret I had was there wasn’t anyone else left in the room to get pics of such a hot setup! LOL

By the end of the night, D came three times, R came twice and I... well, we all lost count of how many I had had by the first hour, but I have my suspicions that the number was closer to 1000 then 100! LOL I even let my poor little cuck cum once for being such a good boy and setting up such a wonderful night for me.

To be honest, I was glad no one else ever showed up.  I have no doubt that we would have lost the amazing chemistry we happen to find that night between all four of us. 

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